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Interactive Print Using Augmented Reality

Bring your next mailing to life using Augmented Reality (AR) to create interactive and engaging print designs. AR is technology that enhances print through interactive content using a mobile device. The user simply scans the document, and what was a static photo or design becomes alive with movement and sound.

Ways to use Augmented Reality

Direct Mail

Enhance your direct mail campaign with interactive print.


Add video to your publications through augmented reality.

Posters and Signs

Drive curiousity with augmented reality on your posters and signs.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • Active Engagement = Higher ROI
    Viewers choose to participate in the augmented reality experience, leading to longer-lasting engagement and higher response rates.
  • Authentic Experiences
    Rather than being told about the University of Minnesota, viewers experience the University right from their living rooms.
  • Fun
    As augmented reality continues to gain popularity, audiences are looking for opportunities to engage in fun, interactive AR experiences.

Want to learn more about augmented reality?

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